Bitcoin Private Price Turns Bullish as Coin Burn Nears

Although Bitcoin Private seemingly has a pretty marketable name, the success of this currency has always been pretty limited first…

3 years ago

Everything Green as Price of Bitcoin Approaches $7,500

While the second half of May has been burdened by a sustained downtrend, today's price movements could be seen as…

3 years ago

Bitcoin Private Price Pump Continues as Market Cap Surpasses $1.1bn

Even though some of the cryptocurrency markets are dipping in the red right now, the overall uptrend is still intact.…

4 years ago

Bitcoin Private Price Pump Will run out of Steam Pretty Quickly

Most altcoins tend to ride Bitcoins coattails a bit when the world's leading cryptocurrency rises in value. This concept also…

4 years ago

Bitcoin Private Price Doubles Thanks to Small-volume Pump-and-Dump

While the cryptocurrency world is not immune to pump-and-dump schemes, it is evident some currencies tend to go up in…

4 years ago

Short Squeeze Catapults Price of Bitcoin Past $7,600

Just hours after short positions on Bitcoin eclipsed longs, and as BTC shorts volume reached an all-time high, Bitcoin saw…

4 years ago

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