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Will Coronavirus Break the Internet?

With the outbreak of COVID-19, nearly two-thirds of the world is now at home as governments the world over are taking steps to slow the progression of the disease. With everyone home, the internet is now under heavier stress than ever. In the U.S. internet usage is at record-breaking highs. Seattle, one of the U.S.’s hardest hit cities, internet traffic spiked since January – by March internet traffic in the …
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All Swedish Citizens to Have Broadband by 2025

It is sometimes easy to forget that not everyone is connected to the Internet. For many of us, it feels so pervasive in our lives, and it is. But even some in the Western world do not yet have access to the Internet, and sometimes when they do it is through a slow connection. For instance, just two years ago there were still millions of Americans using dial-up and I doubt that …
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Top 6 Countries Struggling to Improve Broadband Internet Adoption

Before Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can have a global impact, consumers will need easy access to broadband internet. Right now, that is a much bigger struggle than people think. It is evident this will be quite an uphill battle in a lot of regions around the world, including the United States and China. Below are the six countries where access to broadband internet is either impossible or too expensive. The …
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