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What Is the Chia Network?

We have seen many different cryptocurrencies created over the years. Not all of these coins have any major value associated with them whatsoever. One starts to wonder why people continue to create new currencies with several thousand of them in existence already. Nevertheless, BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen currently aims to create Chia, a network designed to compete with Bitcoin. Chia Network has its own Cryptocurrency It is not the first time we’ve …
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BitTorrent Creator Will Switch to Full-time Cryptocurrency Development Soon

It is not entirely surprising to learn Bram Cohen – the inventor of BitTorrent – wants to create his own cryptocurrency. Even though there are already several thousand currencies in existence, Cohen feels his creation will bring something new to the table. In fact, he will devote all of his time to developing and maintaining this new currency, which has not received an official name just yet. The BitTorrent of …
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BitTorrent Creator Bram Cohen Critizes Coinbase for Running Bitcoin Classic

Bram Cohen, the author of the peer-to-peer BitTorrent protocol, as well as the first file sharing program to use the protocol, also known as BitTorrent, has criticized global bitcoin exchange and wallet platform Coinbase for running the Jonathan Toomim-led Bitcoin Classic. Essentially, Bitcoin Classic is a hard fork which increases the block size of Bitcoin by 2 megabytes. Supported by industry leaders and bitcoin experts, Core developers including Gavin Andressen, …
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