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Boosteroid ICO – Even a Child will be Able to Launch a Cloud Computer

The second stage of Boosteroid token sale starts on October 27th, 2017. Boosteroid is one of the most expected projects and has a number of significant advantages comparing with other ICOs held so far. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Project founder Ivan Shvaichenko told about the project, who will benefit from it and which problems it solves. – Could you explain, what is Boosteroid? – Boosteroid – is a …
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International Boosteroid Project Starts ICO on October 23

The international project Boosteroid starts ICO on October 23 and intends to squeeze giants of computing power rental market such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft. Today the prices of cloud computing services offered by market leaders — Amazon, Microsoft, Google — are very high, so this service is still the privilege of the “elite”. This is what spurred experts to create Boosteroid. «Computing power rental price is a problem for …
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