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Deloitte Opens New Blockchain Research Lab in Ireland

Financial services giant Deloitte announced today the opening of their new blockchain center in Dublin, Ireland. The EMEA Financial Services Blockchain Lab will be staffed with 50 developers, which the company says will be recruited over the next 18 months. The press release revealed that the developer team at the new laboratory will be designing various blockchain-based prototypes, which Deloitte says will “become ‘ready to integrate’ offerings for financial services …
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Coinfirm launches the first Blockchain Lab situated in Central Europe

According to recent reports, Coinfirm, a blockchain startup that focuses on data management has launched its first blockchain lab, over in Central Europe. The Blockchain Lab aims to become the go-to hub for crypto-development, collaboration and research in the region. Additionally, the hub provides great opportunities for government, financial and educational institutions to take a closer look at the current state of blockchain development, and understand what the ecosystem aims …
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