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What Would Satoshi Do? The Religiosity in Bitcoin

January 3, 2009 sparked a new life into the world of payments, contracts, and finance. On that day, Satoshi Nakamoto released the open-source software –¬†Bitcoin. It promised revolution and freedom from third parties -such as banks and governments- as guarantors of capital. Suddenly, an individual was able to bargain, trade, and retain wealth completely by themselves. It was like using cash all the time, but without needing to have a …
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Understanding the Fundamentals of Bitcoin and the Block Size Debate

The block size debate is the argument between two sides of the bitcoin community that are each voicing their opinions on whether to increase or maintain the block size of the Bitcoin blockchain network. Over the past few years, each sides have presented possible solutions to settle the debate. A few of the technologies or systems suggested throughout the debate was the Lightning Network, Segregated Witness, and a hard fork …
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