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EOS and Ethereum: One DApp Platform to Rule Them All?

Does the market have room for two thriving DApp platforms? Ethereum and EOS represent two distinct approaches to carrying out smart contracts and supporting more than 1,500 DApps. Ethereum holds an advantage as the first native DApp platform, but EOS is proposing a much faster consensus model. Is there going to be one clear winner and loser, or does the marketplace have room to support both platforms thanks to their different …
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block.one Team Reveals EOS.IO Single Threaded Application Testnet

block.one, a leader in developing blockchain software solutions, announced that the EOS.IO Single Threaded Application Testnet (“EOS STAT”) is ready for release. This development is a major milestone for block.one, putting development ahead of schedule. With this development coming out early, the internal team will be free to work with the development community from now until the release of the EOS.IO Multi-threaded Testnet in 2018. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored …
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