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What Is the Distributed Blockchain Middleware Tracker?

With so many blockchain projects in existence today, an interesting ecosystem is created. At the same time, one has to wonder if and how all of these chains can communicate with one another. Right now, that does not appear to be happening, as there is no viable project to bridge the gap. Chronobank claims it has the solution, something known as the Distributed blockchain Middleware Tracker. The DMT Blockchain Solution It is …
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Synereo Unveils Sharded And Concurrent Blockchain RChain

Decentralized social network Synereo has announced the development of RChain, their blockchain-based technology stack. Not only will this technology provide scalable decentralized computation abilities, but it will also revolutionize the way the Internet works. An interesting idea, although it will only be deployed in Q4 of 2017 at the earliest. RChain Improves Upon Existing Blockchain Standards What RChain does is act as an additional layer on top of the standard …
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Money Router Brings A New AML Solution To The Financial Sector

Tackling money laundering is quickly becoming a tp priority in the financial sector today. Doing so is much harder than anticipated, however. Money Router is a new instant verification system that should be able to thwart money laundering. If more institutions used a distributed ledger, money laundering wouldn’t be such an issue, to begin with. Money Router Packs Quite The Punch The way Money Router works is simple: it offers …
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