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BitQyck Founders Agree to Return $8.4m to Defrauded Investors

Numerous ICO projects have been flagged as illegal securities. A lot of those companies are now under investigation by the SEC. The company behind BitQyck, which allegedly defrauded investors, had its founders agree to pay $8.4m in damages. This is a key development for current and future investigations.  The BitQyck Scheme While many people assumed the BitQyck token was perfectly legitimate, it did not take long to notice something was …
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BitQyck MLM Scheme Launches TradeBQ Exchange

A few months ago, we came across a company called BitQyck. This project claims they issue native tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. However, it quickly became evident the entire BitQyck program is a pure MLM scheme, which could be harmful to people investing their money into it. Thanks to some comments on the site, we learned there is now an alleged BitQyck exchange, called TradeBQ. What is the Deal With …
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Beware of the Bitqyck MLM Scheme

There are quite a few bitcoin scams out there, all of which deserve to be exposed in due time. BitQyck is a company that caught our attention a few days ago, as the company shows quite a few similarities with Onecoin. It appears this is another MLM scheme with no proof of it being even closely related to cryptocurrency whatsoever. Time to take a closer look at what Bitqyck is …
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