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Top 3 Reasons why This Weekend’s Bitcoin Price Outlook is Bearish

A lot of people have very high hopes of seeing a major Bitcoin price rebound over the course of the weekend. While that is always one possible scenario, it seems rather unlikely any real action will occur. Despite hitting just over $9,000 earlier in the week, the negative pressure may continue for at least a few more days. Support Levels Turned Into Resistance Even people who are not familiar with …
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5 Reasons why the Bitcoin Price Uptrend has Stalled

It has been a rather quiet week for Bitcoin so far. Despite a very promising start to May of 2019, the uptrend has ground to a halt. While that is not entirely unexpected, a lot of traders and speculators are growing antsy once again. There are several reasons as to why the Bitcoin price uptrend has stalled. How much of a role these all play in the big picture, is …
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Bitcoin Price Prediction and Technical Analysis for May 17

It hasn’t been a good day for the Bitcoin price as of today. A lot of value has been lost in very quick succession, yet no one seems to know where this downtrend will end exactly. With some basic technical analysis, it quickly becomes apparent numerous key support levels have been broken in quick succession. This free fall will end eventually, but for now, it will seemingly continue. A Retrace …
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