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Is Bitcoin Adoption Outpacing The Current Level of Technology?

Once again, the rumours about the demise of Bitcoin are circulating on the Internet en masse  Mainstream media will not hesitate to make the digital currency look vulnerable, although the internal bickering and fighting over a block size solution are not helping matters much either. Bitcoin is not going to die anytime soon, no matter what the media have to say about it. But they do raise some valid points …
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21 Inc Bitcoin Computer Is Much More Than A Mining Device

Even though the 21 Inc. Bitcoin Computer was greeted with a lot of skepticism and doubts; it looks like the project’s biggest opponents are slowly coming around to see the value of the device. Priced at US$399, it was only normal to see so many people doubt what the device would actually be capable of, and as it turns out, the Bitcoin Computer is quite an efficient gadget. Also read: …
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