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How the USMS auction will affect Bitcoin prices

The Auction As you most likely already know the USMS is going to auction off exactly¬†¬†29,656.51 BTC on June 27th of 2014. The coins were obtained from the seizure of the SilkRoad. There will be 9 blocks each of 3,000 Bitcoin and the remained which will be offered in the auction. The coins in this auction are the ones that belong to the site SilkRoad and not to any of …
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200k stolen in dogecoin mining operation

What happened? Dogecoin is brought up to our attention one again, this time a hacker mined around 500 million dogecoins, equating to $200 thousand. The hackers infiltrated data storage hubs for computer networks. According to SecureWorks, which is an information service and is a subsidiary of Dell, the hacker targeted NAS (network attached storage) boxes which we made by Synology Inc. It used the boxes’ power to mine dogecoins on …
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