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Two Bitcoin Exchanges Were Hacked in South Korea in 2017, Importance of Wallet Security

Two major South Korean bitcoin and digital currency exchanges were hacked in 2017. Yet, users, traders and investors continue to store their bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin and Ethereum Classic on custodial exchanges and centralized platforms. There exists a fundamental difference between a custodial and a non-custodial platform. Custodial wallet platforms and exchanges include centralized platforms such as US-based Coinbase and South Korea-based Coinplug, that have absolute …
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Bitcoin Exchange Cryptoine Hacked Due To Trading Engine Bug

The stressful times for Bitcoin exchanges around the world will not come to an end anytime soon, as we learned earlier today that the Cryptoine platform has been hacked. Not too many details have been made available at this point in time, but we will recap the information we managed to obtain so far. Cryptoine – Brief History The Cryptoine exchange lets users trade Bitcoin against various other digital currencies, …
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Poorly generated addresses cause Blockchain.info customer’s BTC loss

What happened? Blockchain.info seems to be under much heat lately from all the recent attacks. Ranging from https redirection by rogue Tor nodes to phishing attempts.  During a scheduled update by the blockchain.info team an issue was present between 12:00am and 2:30am GMT on 12/8/14. According to the official blockchainwallet reddit account: If you created a wallet, generated a new address via Blockchain.info’s web-wallet, or sent bitcoin from your wallet during …
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