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Why GAW Miners is a scam

What is GAW miners? In simple terms GAW miners is a cloud mining company. It offers “hashlets” which are digital cloud miners. They are available in 1 MH/s (Scrypt) or 10 GH/s (SHA256) slices and do not have an expiration date. They also sell hashstakers which is “the word’s first cloud staking wallet”. For coins using Proof of Share it allows for the staking of these coins in the cloud. Currently they …
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10 Reasons why Bitcoin is a better alternative to PayPal

Ten Reasons Why Bitcoin is a better alternative to PayPal. There has been a lot of buzz around the idea that this new digital currency Bitcoin is a better payment system than the already established played in the industry, PayPal. However, in order to validate rumors from facts, we need to analyze and compare the functionality and the customer feedback of both these payment systems. First let’s look at the …
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Ebay is hopping on the Bitcoin train

What Happened Ebay and Paypal are looking at integrating Bitcoin into Paypal and eventually Ebay. So far we have seen corporates like Overstock, TigerDirect, and now Dish who started to accept Bitcoin payments. We have also seen companies such as Western Union, Gemalto and Amazon who were granted a patent relating to virtual currencies. Now it’s time the two twins Ebay and Paypal start integrating Bitcoin into their payment system. …
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