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Miners or Users, Bitcoin’s Divisive Blocksize Solutions

With the current proposals for fixing Bitcoin’s bloated blockchain and transaction problems, a theme has been reoccurring enough that I find it impossible to ignore. Users and Miners may not want the same thing at all, and that is troubling. This begs the question, who is more important? Miners? Or Users and Nodes? Miners vs Users This is far from the first time this question has come up, but it …
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What is the Splitprotection BIP?

The upcoming UASF activation date of August 1st has quite a few people concerned. A chain split is still a very like outcome of this soft fork. However, a new proposal has been drafted to prevent the blockchain from splitting into two. The splitprotection soft fork requires a lower activation threshold and an immediate mandatory signaling lock-in. The bigger question is whether or not this new proposal will be implemented …
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SegWit2MB vs BIP148

If there is one thing the bitcoin industry has no shortage of, it has to be the different scaling solutions. While most people focus on Bitcoin Unlimited and Segregated Witness, it is important to note other solutions are available as well. SegWit2MB, for example, is quite an intriguing concept. Additionally, there is the BIP148 solution, which is well worth considering. 2. BIP148 Most bitcoin enthusiasts have heard of the BIP148 …
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