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The Future of Security is Biometric

Having a password on our devices to keep our data away from prying eyes has been a part of personal tech for a very long time. But the age of passwords and pins is shifting to biometric security – that is tech that can recognize your face, voice, DNA, fingerprint, and other physical features that make you you. Biometrics in everyday tech has really been around since Apple first showed …
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Criminals Develop Bank ATM Skimmer To Steal Fingerprints

As if the world of ATM skimmers was not scary enough, criminals have stepped up their game once again. A new type of device will not only read card information and potentially log your pin code, but it will also steal fingerprints. With various banks experimenting with biometric verification for ATM transactions, it looks like criminals are one step ahead yet again. There Is No Secure Way To use Bank …
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