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Californian Biohacker Faces DCA Investigation Over CRISPR Injection

Some individuals on this planet happily look forward to merging a human boy with electronics. Known as biohacking, the trend is still very niche in 2019. However, one self-experimenting biohacker is currently under investigation. Injecting CRISPR into his own body to enhance muscle growth raises a lot of questions, for obvious reasons. Californian Health Officials Investigate Biohacker On paper, there is no law which prevents anyone from performing biohacking methods …
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32M Becomes the First U.S. Company to Implant RFID Chips in Employees’ Hands

Multiple European companies are experimenting with the idea of implanting microchips in their employees. This trend was not overly popular in the United States. That situation may change, as Three Square Market plans to implant RFID microchips in employees’ hands shortly. Although this is a marketing campaign more than anything else, it shows that there is a potential market for such implants. U.S. Company Experiments With RFID Microchips The partnership between …
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Top 5 Biohacks With Mainstream Appeal

Biohacking has become somewhat of a trend among technology enthusiasts as of late. Enhancing our human capacities through technological and other means has a certain appeal. Contrary to what people may expect, there are some cheap and efficient ways to go about biohacking for personal purposes. This does not necessarily mean that everyone should go out and do it, though. #5 Neurostimulation Through tDCS The word, “stimulation” has a somewhat negative …
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