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The Venezuelan Government Recalls the Highest Denomination Bill in Circulation

In a shocking announcement, President Nicolás Maduro has ordered that the highest bill in circulation, the 100 Bolivar note ($0.025), be taken off the streets in less than 72 hours. The President argued that the banknotes are being smuggled out of the country by local mafias and powerful economic “enemies”. Venezuela’s president has been denouncing the “mafias”, which –according to him and his staff–have been extracting currency bills outside the …
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Financial Education Part 1 – Money And Banks Are An Illusion

There are several misconceptions about the world of Bitcoin and digital currency, which is a fact no one will deny. But at the same time, a lot of these misconceptions stem forth from a lack of understanding how the monetary system works. Especially for people who feel safe to have their money “backed” by banks, the reality is vastly different from what they assume to be true. No one will …
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Bitcoin Is A Better Alternative To Ending Paper Money

There are several reasons why governments and banks want to get rid of paper money altogether in the years to come. Not only is there a lot of fraud going on with paper currency, but consumers are also flocking to more digital solutions. Credit cards are only the first step, and mobile payments are gaining more popularity.  But is this move as beneficial to Bitcoin and digital currency as we …
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