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What is Civil Asset Forfeiture?

Governments are not in favor of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies these days. They have never been, and it is highly unlikely they will ever be. The US Congress is introducing a new bill called “Combat Money Laundering, Terrorist Financing, and Counterfeiting Act 2017.” It touches upon many different subjects, including cryptocurrencies. The US government plans to seize consumers’ assets through a method referred to as “Civil Asset Forfeiture.”   Civil Asset …
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New Senate Bill Aims To Restrict Tor Access For Illicit Activities

Saying how we live in a very strange world would be the understatement of the year. A new US Senate bill wants to ensure “bad people” can’t use solutions like Tor. Whether or not this means everyone else can keep using it, is anybody’s guess. For quite some time, everyone who used Tor was deemed to be an extremist. Weeding Out The Bad Guys Using Tor It becomes apparent from …
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Bitcoin Bill Introduced to Wyoming Legislature

Several Wyoming State Representatives have introduced an amendment to the Wyoming Money Transmitter Act that would ease reserve requirements on digital currency business operating in the state. HB0026, if passed, would put digital currency instruments such as Bitcoin under the category of ”permissive investments”. Under current legislation, businesses that deal in virtual currencies must maintain double reserves for each transaction. Because of these requirement, big digital currency outfits such as …
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