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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Spikes to $9,200

Bitcoin has jumped to just over $9,200. That’s a $400 increase from yesterday’s trading position of $8,800, and it appears the bulls are back in the game. The last 48 hours had everyone worried somewhat, with the currency experiencing a $500 drop from its recent high of $9,300. A whirlwind of phony deals and Mt. Gox maneuvers may have potentially led to a dip in the currency’s price, though it …
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Bill Harris Remains Convinced Bitcoin Is a Scam, but Does Anyone Care?

It has been at least a full week since we last heard a highly controversial statement regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to PayPal Founding CEO and Former Intuit CEO Bill Harris, Bitcoin is the greatest scam ever.  A statement like that from an individual who sees his business models threatened by cryptocurrency is not necessarily surprising. Even so, it has the cryptocurrency community up in arms yet again. Bill Harris Makes …
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