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Bill Harris Remains Convinced Bitcoin Is a Scam, but Does Anyone Care?

It has been at least a full week since we last heard a highly controversial statement regarding Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. According to PayPal Founding CEO and Former Intuit CEO Bill Harris, Bitcoin is the greatest scam ever.  A statement like that from an individual who sees his business models threatened by cryptocurrency is not necessarily surprising. Even so, it has the cryptocurrency community up in arms yet again. Bill Harris Makes …
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5 AI Solutions Showing Signs of Racism

Several artificial intelligence projects have been created over the past few years, most of which still had some kinks to work out. For some reason, multiple AI solutions showed signs of racism once they were deployed in a live environment. It is one of the major hurdles to overcome before artificial intelligence services and products can effectively become a part of mainstream society. #5 Chinese Facial Recognition Is Biased Although this …
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Artificial Intelligence Will Suffer From Bias In The Same Way Humans Do

Artificial intelligence is often touted as the technology that will eventually reduce human error to zero. Moreover, this technology will be capable of taking over mundane tasks, allowing the human brain to be used for other important duties. But unlike what most people assume, artificial intelligence can be affected by bias– a rather troublesome aspect to think about, and one that should not be overlooked. Artificial Intelligence Bias Is A …
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