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Top 6 Apps to Learn About Bitcoin

If you would like to know more about bitcoin, blockchain technology, or altcoins, or if you want to teach your friends, there are a few apps you can install on your smartphone to help you out. These apps will help you navigate through the huge amount of information regarding cryptocurrency. 6. Bitcoin millionaire We’re kind of cheating on this one, but you may be interested in Bitcoin millionaire, an app that is …
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Top 5 Most Innovative Apps of 2016

There are thousands of millions of smartphones out there. The rise of Smartphones has shifted the way we communicate, work, and entertain ourselves. Here is our selection of best apps from 2016. In the last years, the market for mobile applications has grown exponentially, with a huge selection of software to make our lives easier. It’s now even possible to say that there as many apps as there are colors …
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