Top 6 Apps to Learn About Bitcoin

If you would like to know more about bitcoin, blockchain technology, or altcoins, or if you want to teach your friends, there are a few apps you can install on your smartphone to help you out. These apps will help you navigate through the huge amount of information regarding cryptocurrency.

6. Bitcoin millionaire

We’re kind of cheating on this one, but you may be interested in Bitcoin millionaire, an app that is essentially the “who wants to be a millionaire” game, applied to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Although it might not be the best app to learn about bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, it is certainly the best app to test your knowledge, and to compete with your friends. It seems it is no longer available on app stores, but it can still be played on a computer.

5. BitBuds Mingle

BitBuds Mingle is, as described in app stores, a social community for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The app allows you to meet and chat with other people who share the same passion and, naturally, learn from their experience and from what they have to say. Even if you don’t learn a lot, you will still be able to talk to people who share the same passion.

4. Bitcoin Quotes

Bitcoin quotes is an app that essentially gathers information about bitcoin, and some of the most amazing quotes one can find. These won’t just let you know what bitcoin is, they will make you think about the possibilities this cryptocurrency has, and how it can change the world we live in.

3. Spark Profit

Spark Profit gives us a hands-on approach to trading. Even though the app doesn’t really focus on cryptocurrencies, it does include bitcoin. With it, one can learn a lot about what influences bitcoin’s price, as well as other fiat currencies and commodities. The game is free, but if you are good at it you can even earn some bitcoins, as the creators pay for talent.

Essentially, all you have to do is sign up, start making predictions, and then collect points if your predictions are correct. At the end of each week, the amount of points you have translates into a certain amount of money. After a while, you’ll be able to cash those points out.

2. Mycelium bitcoin wallet

Mycelium bitcoin wallet is a bitcoin wallet that gives users control over their private keys, cold storage possibility, the ability to directly spend from paper wallets, and the possibility to lock the value of your coins to avoid exchange rate fluctuations. To learn with the app, you will need to use it on a regular basis, so as to understand how things work. After a while, you will be an expert.

If you don’t want to buy bitcoins in order to use every functionality the wallet offers, definitely check out apps from the Bitcoins Aliens faucet, as they have a variety of different apps to earn a few satoshis from.

1. The Bitcoin Alphabet

The Bitcoin Alphabet is a kid-friendly app that, through illustrations and text, approaches everything we need to know: from altcoins to zero-confirmation transactions. It gives us the ABCs of bitcoin: A is for alternative currency, for example, B is for bitcoin, and so on. The author believes cryptocurrencies will force the world to re-learn what is currently known about money, so he created a kid-friendly app that can also teach adults a thing or two. If you want to get around the technical stuff, this is definitely the app for you

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