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NEO Price Drops Below $70 as Market Onslaught Continues

Albeit there was some initial excitement in the cryptocurrency markets this morning, it seems the momentum has shifted once again. As of right now, all of the top 15 markets are in the red once again, with some currencies even noting rather spectacular losses. Anyone keeping an eye on the NEO price right now will not be too happy with how things are going. NEO Price Takes Another big hit …
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Ethereum Price Drops Below $800 as Bears Take Control

The cryptocurrency markets are always evolving in many different directions. Right now, the overall sentiment is pretty depressing, as the markets have gone down in value for quite some time now. With some markets losing 10% in value or more, things are not looking all that great. Especially the Ethereum price is struggling as of right now, for some reason. Ethereum Price Struggle Continues Anyone who has paid attention to cryptocurrency …
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Bitcoin Price Fights for Control at $5,600 Due to Bearish Sentiment

It appears as if all cryptocurrencies are struggling once again. With the Bitcoin price still experiencing bearish momentum, altcoins are starting to lose their recently regained value as well. Right now, the Bitcoin price is hovering around the US$5,625 mark, which is a lot lower than what people would have expected by now. Whether or not BTC will recover in the near future remains to be determined. Boring Bitcoin Price Momentum Continues The …
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