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Recapping the First Three Years of MimbleWimble Development

It has been three years since the MimbleWimble concept was first introduced as a solution to scale Bitcoin. With the whitepaper now dating back three years, it is a good time to see how far the development of this project has come. There is still plenty of work to be done, although it seems things are heading in the right direction.  From Whitepaper to Beam On July 19 of 2016, …
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3 Major Changes for Beam Scheduled as Part of the Hard Fork

Given the vast number of different cryptocurrency projects on the market, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep tabs on everything. For fans of the Beam project, there is an important hard fork coming up in a few weeks from today. Some big changes will be introduced accordingly, albeit it remains to be seen if this network upgrade will impact the price in any way.  A Noteworthy PoW Change It is …
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What Is Grin?

On January 15, the Grin mainnet went live, and it’s captured the attention from supporters and speculators across the space since. One of the pioneers behind MimbleWimble tech, Grin’s unwavering focus to privacy and scalability has presented a fresh project and point of interest for enthusiasts to observe. Just two days after launch, Theymos announced that Grin was to be accepted for Bitcointalk forum payments, the first currency beyond Bitcoin …
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