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On Tribalism in Crypto Communities

A major point of criticism since the inception of cryptocurrency has involved the community surrounding and promoting the technology. From the original anarcho-capitalists of Bitcoin, to the elitist fan groups of individual altcoins, crypto enthusiasts have, in the eyes of many, contributed to an uninviting environment for the potential new recruit. Perhaps the most prominent shortcoming of the general cryptocurrency population is the tribalistic nature surrounding certain altcoins. A number of coins embody an environment unwelcoming …
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Here’s Why Calling Bitcoin Cash “BCash” Is a Terrible Idea

Over the past few months, we have seen various discussions regarding Bitcoin Cash. One of the main “problems” involves how people tend to refer to this altcoin these days. In the Bitcoin community, it is often known as BCash, which creates a lot of bad blood with BCH supporters. However, it turns out BCash is an entirely different project. Whether or not the team wants to bank on Bitcoin Cash’s “success” …
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What is BCash?

A new post has surfaced on Medium detailing the potential creation of a new currency. This particular project will be known as BCash, and seemingly combines the existing Bitcoin ledger with ZCash privacy technology. Given the recent Bitcoin Cash fork, it is important to note these two projects are not the same by any means. It appears BCash wants to bring more privacy to Bitcoin users, even though there are already …
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