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China Bans Pokemon Go

China says goodbye to Pokémon GO: the game will be prohibited in the most populated country in the world The title, developed by Niantic, wasn’t having a very good time in the Asian country, but now the struggle will end (literally) thanks to the decision of the Chinese authorities. The smartphone game’s global influence has been decaying over the last months, but the Pokémon GO’s legacy remains intact and will …
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Italy Bans Onecoin Over Fraud Investigations

The so-called cryptocurrency has been previously regarded as a scam, but this time, the fraud allegation reached institutional ears: the government of Italy has decided to ban the asset, which has been linked multiple times with a multilevel-Ponzi scheme. The Italian authorities argue that the service provided by the company behind the ‘cryptocurrency’ doesn’t deliver what it promises to its customers. Since several months ago, the number of people and websites …
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