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Central Bank of Thailand Shuts Down Half of Bank ATMs Due To Malware Attack

Malware continues to create financial losses all over the world. Criminals are targeting computer users, but also point-of-sale devices and ATms. A new ATM heist in Thailand saw 12 million baht being stolen. As a result, the central bank of Thailand was forced to shut down nearly half of its ATMs. For now, preliminary investigations seem to indicate an Eastern European gang is responsible for these attacks. Using Bank ATMs …
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The Legal Status of Bitcoin in Thailand

Despite stern warnings from central banks all over the world, the adoption of Bitcoin and other digital currencies is thriving. Consumers are looking for access to financial services, and Bitcoin offers them exactly that. Putting users in full control of their finances is the way this world should work. But what about the status of Bitcoin in Thailand, as there seems to be some confusion regarding that matter. Also …
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