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Bank of Canada’s Project Jasper Advances Blockchain-Based Securities Settlement

There are so many blockchain projects out there, one is almost at a loss when trying to keep tabs on everything. That in itself is no real surprise, as information about most of these initiatives is incredibly difficult to come by. Bank of Canada, one of the more transparent entities in this regard,¬†has announced¬†it will commence the third phase of Project Jasper very soon. Project Jasper Matters to Bank of …
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Research Consultant at Bank of Canada Says Bitcoin Standard Unlikely

A Research Consultant at the Bank of Canada has authored a paper that examines the implications of a Bitcoin standard on the global economy and on the roles of central banks. The paper, A Bitcoin Standard: Lessons from the Gold Standard, was written by Warren Weber, who is a visiting scholar at the Federal Reserve Bank of Australia and a professor at the University of South Carolina. In his paper, …
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