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Bank for International Settlements Demands More Global Cryptocurrency Regulation

The increase in the popularity of all cryptocurrencies has not gone by unnoticed. In fact, we’ve seen a lot more opposition from banks and governments in this regard, and it seems this “crackdown” will not relent anytime soon. Most recently, the Bank for International Settlements stated that it wants authorities to prepare additional regulations to curb the spread of cryptocurrencies. It’s a rather interesting statement, although it is evident that …
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World’s Largest Central Bank Warns Not to Ignore the Bitcoin Trend

For the longest time, central banks ignored Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Then, most of these institutions issued warnings advising individualsĀ not to invest in Bitcoin. Over the years, these messages lost most of their clout and are now largely ignored by both cryptocurrency enthusiasts and the general public. In fact, the Bank for International Settlements, the world’s biggest central bank, confirmed that ignoring the Bitcoin boom is the wrong approach altogether. Bank …
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