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With SegWit Activated, Is AsicBoost Still a Problem?

With Segregated Witness successfully activated on the Bitcoin network, some valid questions are being raised. One is whether or not we will still have to contend with the so-called covert AsicBoost problem, which gives specific mining hardware a competitive advantage over other devices. It seems the current SegWit implementation will not be getting rid of shenanigans related to AsicBoost entirely. In fact, it appears Antpool is mining empty blocks at this …
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There has been quite a lot of controversy regarding Bitmain’s ASICBOOST technology over the past few days. This technology allows the company to use a flaw in the bitcoin mining protocol to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors. However, there are some some claims ASICBOOST only works with a specific type of scaling proposal. It is time we dive deeper into the mystery that is ASICBOOST. Unveiling The Mystery That …
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