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Painting the Blockchain With a Brighter, More Secure Future

After decades of facing the strokes of counterfeiting and intermediary price manipulation against its palette, the art industry is ready to turn the page and enter the world of blockchain technology. Graham Goddard, the CEO of All Public Art (APA), provides a unique platform that helps address the very issues the art community has been plagued with for decades, and restores its colorful history by moving it onto the blockchain. Why Does …
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What Is the SHA256art Gallery?

Over the years, there has been some interesting synergy between cryptocurrency, blockchains, and artwork. The SHA256art gallery houses many different types of artwork, all of which have been inspired by the cryptocurrency craze over the past nine years. The SHA256art Gallery Concept Although some people may feel differently, the cryptocurrency industry has spawned some amazing artwork. So many different feelings, opinions, and subjects come together when talking cryptocurrency. For art creators, it is evident there is …
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Artist Hides Cryptocurrency Private Keys in Lego Artwork

People often get quite creative when it comes to cryptocurrency. An artist who goes by the name Andy Bauch has hidden the private keys to cryptocurrency wallets containing $10,000 worth of coins in artwork built with Lego bricks. It’s a remarkable showcase of artistic skill and cryptocurrency enthusiasm, to say the least. Andy Bauch creates a unique masterpiece It is safe to say few people would ever look for a cryptocurrency wallet’s private …
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