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London’s Metropolitan Police Seize $667,000 Worth of Bitcoin

Hackers and other online criminals will continue to pay close attention to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. In London, police officials arrested one particular hacker and seized $667,000 worth of Bitcoin in the process. It remains unclear what will happen to the confiscated Bitcoins, although it seems likely they will be auctioned off. Another Bitcoin-related Arrest It is evident criminals are drawn to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies for many reasons. One …
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Bitcoin Mining Scheme Backfires – Josh Garza Charged by the SEC

Another attempted Bitcoin scheme was interrupted, and the responsible party, Homero Joshua Garza is now being sued for fraud. The founder of ZenMiner and GAW Miner, Homero Joshua Garza, was caught mining for bitcoin and sued by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). A civil complaint accused Garza and his brother (Carlos Garza) of mining bitcoin and committing a fraud worth over $10 million. Thanks to criminal activities like this, …
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