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Blockchain Protocol Simplifies App World Transactions, Ensuring Rewards and Security

Middlemen basically serve as the link between product originators and consumers. They have played some significant roles in ensuring that essential products, especially in the technological world are able to get across to various parts of the world and reach their appropriate consumers. Disclosure: This is a Sponsored Article Centralized platforms are limited With mobile technology, Google Play Store and Apple Store have risen to establish themselves as the ‘go …
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What Is AppCoins?

AppCoins (APPC) has held its ICO and is up nearly 300% since being added to Binance last Friday. But that’s not what interests me the most about this small market cap asset. Beyond the Big Boys If using bitcoin is one way of saying “f*** you” to the banks who until now have largely controlled our money, AppCoins is equivalent to saying “hell no” to Apple and Google, whose respective …
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