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Can Antshares Become China’s Immutable Ethereum?

Blockchain technology will make a big impact on our society as a whole. How these changes will be introduced¬†is still uncertain. Various projects in the cryptocurrency space are working toward a similar goal. One of those projects is called Antshares, soon to rebrand to NEO. According to many people, Antshares is China’s Ethereum, but can it live up to the expectations? What Makes Antshares Even Worth Considering? NEO, or AntShares …
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Reconstructing Smart Contracts Part I. The Ghost of Undeterminism Erik Zhang, Da Hongfei

The Reconstructing Smart Contracts series is the brainchild of the founders of Antshares, and presents an excerpt of the insights gathered by them while designing Antshares smart contracts. The series, set out to propose a new smart contract design, comprises of three parts and reviews existing smart contract systems through three angles respectively: determinism and resource control; scalability and decoupling; and universality and ecosystem compatibility. Smart-Contracts and the Blockchain Since …
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