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Another Form of Bitcoin Will Hit the Markets Soon

Things are only getting more confusing in the world of cryptocurrency. As if three different versions of Bitcoin in the top 10 weren’t sufficient, we may soon see AML Bitcoin make its mark as well. More specifically, this currency is getting listed on the HitBTC exchange, which is also the first major exchange openly supporting AML Bitcoin in an official capacity. At this rate, we may very well see five or six different …
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What Is AML Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is often scrutinized for being pseudonymous. Government officials do not like the fact that they cannot directly associate Bitcoin transactions with users’ identities. Cryptocurrency exchanges routinely perform Know Your Customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) checks to ensure all customers are screened. A currency known as Bitcoin AML purports to be a new version of Bitcoin. It’s a bit of an unusual concept, but it may have some merit. AML Bitcoin is …
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