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Bitcoin Cash Price Turns Bullish yet BCH Hate Won’t Subside

With most of the cryptocurrency markets still subjected to a fair bit of bearish pressure, it is rather uncommon to see one market pull ahead of the competition. For some unknown reason, the Bitcoin Cash price is still rising in spectacular fashion. It is quite interesting to see this momentum materialize, although it may be rather short-lived based on the overall market circumstances. Bitcoin Cash Price Makes Little Sense When …
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Bitwala To Focus On Bitcoin Again As Nearly No One Uses The Supported Altcoins

Bitwala, while a great company in the cryptocurrency world, sometimes tends to lose focus of what matters. That is not unusual for a young company with lots of ambition. After launching several new services in recent weeks, the company is turning all of its attention back to Bitcoin. Apparently, hardly anyone is using the support altcoins, which is not a big surprise. Back To The Bitcoin Basics For Bitwala Building …
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