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AlphaGo AI Will Retire After One-sided Victory Over the Go World Champion

It has been quite an eventful week for AlphaGo as there were both highs and lows to be noted. The highs come in the form of beating the reigning Go champion without any problems whatsoever. Unfortunately, the AI solution has now officially retired from competitive Go as well. It is unclear what the AI solution will focus on next. AlphaGo Scores A Big Win And Retires A lot of people …
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Google’s AlphaGo Will Take on the Chinese Go Champion Next Month

Artificial intelligence has been of key interest to a lot of companies around the world. Even technology giants such as IBM and Google are actively exploring this industry in an active manner. Google’s AlphaGo is expected to take on Chinese Go champion Ke Jie in a tournament next month. It will be interesting to see if Google’s AI solution has stepped up its game over the past year. AlphaGo Will …
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