Google’s AlphaGo Will Take on the Chinese Go Champion Next Month

Artificial intelligence has been of key interest to a lot of companies around the world. Even technology giants such as IBM and Google are actively exploring this industry in an active manner. Google’s AlphaGo is expected to take on Chinese Go champion Ke Jie in a tournament next month. It will be interesting to see if Google’s AI solution has stepped up its game over the past year.

AlphaGo Will Go At it Again

A lot of people were rather surprised to learn Google’s AlphaGo AI was capable of beating the Korean Go master Lee Sedol last year. Ever since that time, the project has gotten a lot more mainstream attention. Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in all of technology and the sector is abuzz with excitement. After all, even technology giants such as Google need to show their AI project is getting smarter.

To some industry experts, continuously going after the same goal may seem like a rather strange decision. Then again, modern AI solutions struggle a bit when it comes to learning new things, as they would have to forget every piece of previously gained knowledge in the process. Moreover, it appears Google designed their AI bot specifically for this game and beating its associated champions.

This is why AlphaGo will compete against the Chinese Go champion in an official tournament next month. Go is an ancient board game that is incredibly difficult to master, yet Google’s AI, but proved to be quite apt at beating the South Korean Go master last year. This next tournament will take place over the course of five days in the city of Wuhan, and the whole world will be waiting for the result.

It is quite intriguing to see an AI solution successfully master a game that uses strategy and tactics together with a large dose of intuition. Machine learning concepts often do not possess intuition at the same level humans do, yet it appears AlphaGo can successfully put all traits together and execute a master plan. Whether or not it will have picked up a new course of action compared to last year’s victory, remains to be seen, though.

One thing worth mentioning is how humans often like to test their skills against AI solutions when it comes to playing games. This trend is becoming increasingly popular in China as of right now. In fact, the country hosted a Texas Poker tournament pitting humans against AI bots. It is evident there seems to be a growing demand for AI-based competitors where online and board games are concerned.

Growing the artificial intelligence sector is of the utmost importance. Making these concepts smarter and pitting them against humans will provide valuable insights as to what the future may hold.Slowly but surely, our society is inching closer toward building a complete AI that will match us in intelligence, and perhaps even outsmart us over the coming decades.

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