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Alipay Forges Strategic Partnerships Amid European Expansion

Alipay, one of the largest payment processors across Asia, is forging strategic partnerships with European banks and other institutions. It is evident that one of the world’s largest payment platforms is looking to expand in an aggressive manner. Among its new partners are BNP Paribas, SIX Payment Services, and Barclays. Forging The Path To Alipay’s European Expansion Any self-respecting payment processor in the world wants to make sure that their …
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Alibaba Continues Expansion Plan Through M-Daq Investment

Interesting things are happening in the Fintech sector, even though not all of these events are picked up by major media outlets. Alipay, the payment spinoff of the Alibaba group, has made an investment in M-Daq. Or to be more precise, Ant Financial, who runs Alipay, has made the investment in this Singapore-based startup. Why Is M-Daq So Appealing To Alipay? It has to be said; the Singapore startup raised …
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New Partnership Brings Samsung Pay To Alipay Customers

Getting a foothold in the Asian payment market is a major deal for any company, and Samsung is taking a significant step in the right direction. Thanks to their mobile payment deal with Alibaba, the electronics giant can start to expand their presence in China. Samsung And Alibaba Partnership Is Big News One doesn’t simply become a significant part of the mobile payments industry in China, not even when the …
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