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Alexandre Cazes A.K.A. AlphaBay’s DeSnake – More Money Leads to More Problems

The alleged operator of the now defunct AlphaBay darknet marketplace has committed suicide in a Thai jail cell. There is still some confusion as to whether or not this individual is indeed DeSnake, the infamous AlphaBay owner. After doing some research to find out more about this DeSnake individual, it appears there is a lot more to this story. A Closer Look at DeSnake And His Desire for Money Things …
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Suspected AlphaBay Admin Takes his Life in Thailand

Ever since the AlphaBay darknet market went offline, people have been thoroughly speculating on what is going on exactly. With the site not coming back after almost a full week, things are not looking good. It now appears the alleged AlphaBay administrator, who goes by the name of Alexandre Cazes, has committed suicide in a Bangkok prison cell. Is Alexandre Cazes the AlphaBay Administrator? Given the nature of darknet marketplaces, …
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