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Russian Lawmaker Believes Terrorism is Frequently Financed via Digital Currencies

Russian law professor Alexander Bastrykin, who is currently Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Russia and also General of Justice of the Russian Federation, stated that digital currencies are a threat to the stability of the Russian economy. In an interview with Russian newspaper Kommersant.ru, Bastrykin explained that virtual currencies that are not issued by a government authority or central bank may challenge the dominance of the Russian Rouble. A …
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Alexander Bastrykin Views Bitcoin as a Grave Threat to the Russian Federation

According to recent statements by Alexander Bastrykin, Chairman of Russia’s Investigative Committee, digital currencies such as Bitcoin pose a great threat to the state’s monopoly on the issuance of currency. The chairman warned that the rapid proliferation of virtual currency will eventually result in the destabilization of the financial health of the Russian Federation: “According to expert estimates, the turnover of money substitutes in Russia for up to 1 percent …
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