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Cashaa to Partner with Agrello to Offer Borderless Financial Products

5th November, 2017, London, UK, Cashaa, the next generation banking platform, is partnering with Agrello, a blockchain startup developing LegalTech solutions on the basis of smart-contracting technology, to support its series of decentralised global financial products. Agrello provides smart contract agreements that can be executed and managed remotely, enabling Cashaa to expand the range of financial services available through its unique platform. Products such as insurance, microfinancing and decentralised trading …
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5 Intriguing Ethereum ERC20 Blockchain Projects

Blockchain-based crypto-tokens can be issued on the Ethereum. There are different token types that may be deployed on Ethereum. One such, the ERC20 token standard, has become a favorite of developers. The intriguing projects which are issuing ERC20 tokens – mostly via the new ¬†way of raising funds, the ‘initial coin offering’ – are a testament to the functionality of the Ethereum system. Tokenization refers to securing asset information on …
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