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Meet Jose Santana Torres and His Puerto Rican Crypto Taxi

Jose Santana Torres’ first Bitcoin payment for taxi services was sort of an accident. His clients, Logan Ryan Golema and Lauren Slade, paid him an extra $135 for a $15 fare in Bitcoin. Jose’s story is about more than just accepting crypto, however. He is part of an emerging crypto economy on the island following Hurricane Maria. He spoke at the Coin Agenda Conference in March, sharing his story with audiences …
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Services Online Accepting Bitcoin

It’s the new currency for our new, digital times, but how many online – and offline – services actually accept Bitcoin? Read on to find out! Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that was invented by an unknown programmer using the name Satoshi Nakamoto, is a digital payment system which was created and is controlled electronically. Bitcoins are not printed like traditional currency, but are used in a peer-to-peer system with transactions taking place …
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