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University of Cambridge Prints Circuits on Clothing

Wearable electronics have been hailed as the future of personal technology. Many have tried, but often these devices end up being bulky, heavy, or potentially dangerous. However, there may be a breakthrough yet. Researchers at the University of Cambridge may have pushed the industry in the right direction with their latest creation. Printing Fully Integrated circuits onto fabric Being able to wear circuits will change the way we live, the way we …
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3D Printed Implants to Eliminate Surgical Procedures for Bone Fracture Repair

A team of researchers at Evonik Industries has developed 3D printed implants to replace complex and painful medical procedures implemented during the treatment of bone fracture. The German chemical company successfully created the implants when investigating into biodegradable composite materials as a substitute for metal implants. Biocompatible elements and materials have a significant advantage over metal implants because of the human body’s ability to absorb these components as it heals. …
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