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The 0x Protocol v3 Upgrade Looks to Advance on DEX Liquidity and ZRX Staking

Cryptocurrency and blockchain projects need to keep evolving at every possible occasion. The 0x project, which still goes by largely unnoticed, is preparing to integrate several crucial changes. Particularly the new staking mechanism and DEX liquidity aggregation are worth checking out. It is now up to ZRX holders to vote on whether or not this upgrade will go into effect.  The Vote For 0x V3 Different cryptocurrency projects will introduce …
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Coinbase’s Decentralized Exchange Acquisition Is a Shortcut to List ERC20 Tokens

As reported here on May 24, the world’s biggest cryptocurrency brokerage and trading platform, Coinbase, acquired decentralized cryptocurrency exchange Paradex. Intent to Add Tokens In an official announcement, Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong stated that the acquisition of Paradex was part of a larger Coinbase initiative to expand globally and serve customers outside of the US. “The move not only reinforces Coinbase’s commitment to investing in decentralized infrastructure and participating in the nascent …
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What Is the 0Cean Protocol?

Cryptocurrency users will acknowledge that there has been a steady stream of new ERC20 tokens introduced during the past few months. It is very difficult for most of these tokens to get listed on big exchanges right now. That is not entirely surprising, as there is much more supply than demand. Thanks to innovative features such as Distrct0x and now The 0cean, things will slowly move in the right direction. It is …
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