TabFor Lets Users Choose Their Own Cause for In-Browser Monero Mining

It is evident there has been a lot of negative attention directed toward in-browser cryptocurrency mining. No one wants someone to use his or her CPU cycles to mine Monero without being aware of the situation. TabFor is doing things very differently in this regard. The project uses the same technology as others do, but allows its users to mine cryptocurrency for a charitable cause of their choosing, just by keeping a browser tab open. It’s an interesting concept that may bring some positive attention to this technology.

TabFor is an interesting XMR Mining Project

No one can deny the concept of someone using your computer resources to mine Monero without consent is highly controversial. Several websites have successfully done so in the recent past. Consumers have been outraged over this development, especially when the mining process takes place without having an option to opt out. The Pirate Bay is setting a very troublesome precedent in this regard as we speak. The site no longer allows users to opt out of the mining process unless they leave the website entirely.

This is why the creators of TabFor are taking an entirely different approach. The instructions are simple: leave a tab open in your browser in order to allow the service to mine XMR using your computer. The tab in question can be associated with a particular organization or activity, or just be a way to self-mine Monero in the process. Being able to make money or contribute to a worthy cause by purposefully “donating” one’s computing resources makes a lot of sense for most people.

Giving users the opportunity to support a good cause is a pretty interesting business decision. Opening a custom tab allows the user and friends, family members, or other interested parties to donate CPU cycles to that particular cause. As long as the browser tab remains open on a device, Monero will be mined in the background. This service will not bottleneck one’s overall computer performance, mind you, as it will use a maximum of around 30% of all spare CPU cycles at any given moment.

In contrast to most other platforms which use a similar mining script, TabFor allows users to set up their own cause. That in itself is pretty interesting, to say the very least. Most other websites only allow the rest of the world to mine XMR on their behalf, with no option allowing users to direct some or all of the proceeds to themselves or other causes. This doesn’t mean TabFor will be a very successful project in the long run, mind you, but it is still a worthwhile effort, to say the very least.

One other thing that makes TabFor worth looking into is how the site doesn’t host ads, doesn’t require software installation, and has no clickbait. It features a button to start mining, and that is about it. Monero is a perfect cryptocurrency for this purpose, considering it is easy to mine, simple to convert, and the only anonymous cryptocurrency that really matters right now. People need to take privacy very seriously when it comes to money, especially in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis.

Rest assured this is not the last time we will hear about Monero’s in-browser mining efforts. We can only hope future stories will be neutral or positive like this one. Right now, this popular altcoin is mainly associated with illegal activities and malicious website mining scripts. That is not a positive trend by any means, even though Bitcoin has undergone similar struggles in its rise to power.