T-Mobile Poland Now Accepting Bitcoin For Top-Ups

Bitcoin and adoption go a long way as huge brands such as Microsoft have lugged their fiat and opted for Bitcoin to be included as a payment method. As far as adoption goes this was the one event which in recent history moved Bitcoin prices up by $20. However a new competitor has made its way into the Bitcoin warfield. T-Mobile is now one of the biggest and only mobile operators which is aided in its adoption of Bitcoin via InPay, one of the country’s biggest payment processor.

It has come as a massive surprise as T-Mobile Poland paired up with Inpay to allow users to top up their mobile phone balances using Bitcoin. Using a simple voucher system users who purchase calling time can now expect to gain a 20% bonus when using Bitcoin. This comes as the first major attempt to kickstart Bitcoin in Poland with the country the latest pasture for Bitcoin to expand into. The following statement was released on the bitcoinet.pl site detailing the new partnership which will essentially allow users purchase mobile top-ups with Bitcoin

T-Mobile Poland, in its search for new and innovative projects from startups has teamed up with Polish Bitcoin payments processor. The agreement comes out of an acceleration program endorsed by T-Mobile Poland in cohorts with „Polska Przedsiębiorcza”. InPay S.A. Has demonstrated to us how fast you can top up your phone with Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin service provided by the Inpay payment provider is perfect for both the consumer and the corporate entity, T-Mobile. This is due to the way in which Bitcoin deposits are handled as in transactions many companies prefer to use fiat due to its stability and their preference for currency used in the country. Initially a Bitcoin deposit from a customer is handled by the payment processor, Inpay which also takes on the risk for any Bitcoin price fluctuation eliminating the probability the customer will receive less than expected. This also works out very nicely for T-Mobile as fiat currency is deposited into the bank accounts owned by T-Mobile. This is the common practice for those who accept Bitcoin in as many companies such as T-Mobile do accept Bitcoin but following Microsoft they dump their holdings in Bitcoin for much preferred fiat currency such as Dollars. Whilst this may be hurtful to the overall health of Bitcoin, this doe help propel the adoption of Bitcoin to further highs.


Bitcoin may be heading for the skies but real world adoption remains as the main driving force for a healthy and thriving Bitcoin world. With Poland jumping on board further increasing the popularity and exposure of Bitcoin, the same change should also be reflected onto the markets with a healthy price jump after days of stagnation. Bitcoin is currently in a rapid stage of adoption with the coin spreading to the masses with the help of Bitcoin ATM’s, and Services such as Inpay which have helped to make Bitcoin more functional to the general public.

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