Syscoin to accept Bitcoin payments in its decentralized marketplace

March 2nd Washington, D.C. – The Syscoin development team is pleased to announce that it has added Bitcoin as a payment option to its decentralized marketplace.

“..By enabling direct Bitcoin payments within the Syscoin decentralized marketplace, we’ve exposed key functionality to a much larger demographic. This also greatly simplifies the process for anyone looking to use Syscoin’s Decentralized Marketplace functionality while insulating users from possible Syscoin price volatility..”

says Dan Wasyluk, Syscoin’s team manager and co-developer. Bitcoin payments will begin being accepted along with Syscoin’s “Shade” wallet release, tentatively targeted to be launched in March of 2016.

About Syscoin

Syscoin is a revolutionary cryptocurrency that allows low-cost financial transactions like Bitcoin, and provides the infrastructure to trade goods, assets, digital certificates and data securely in its wallet and web based decentralized marketplace. “Unlike other cryptocurrencies, Syscoin’s value is intrinsic due to its value being directly related to the services it provides.” said Syscoin development team manager Dan Wasyeuk. Syscoin trades under trade symbol SYS on virtual currency exchanges.

About Syscoin’s Decentralized Marketplace

Syscoin’s Decentralized Marketplace has been a work-in-progress since its launch of August 16th, 2014. Its launch showcased a console-based service, allowing more than simple transfers of funds; a fully Decentralized Marketplace as well as many other innovative features. Since this launch, the Syscoin Development team has been working at giving its marketplace a graphical interface and fine-tuning its many features that will make using Syscoin’s services a user-friendly experience for both clients and merchants.

About The Syscoin Development Team

An open-source development team of 5, the Syscoin team has been developing innovation in cryptocurrency for the last two years; they are experienced in various software languages in order to ensure its current and future usability via the compatibility and ease-of-use of its services.

Press Contact

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