Syscoin Hires Christopher Marsh To Establish Their Business Presence

Cryptocurrency projects are evolving at an accelerated pace. Syscoin, often overlooked by most cryptocurrency enthusiasts, is a vibrant ecosystem that holds a lot of merits. The team recently introduced Christopher Marsh as their new Head of Business development, which will help put Syscoin on the corporate map, among other things.

Christopher Marsh Joins The Syscoin Team

Most alternative cryptocurrencies do not seem to be business-oriented these days. That is not entirely surprising, considering 99% of all altcoins are nothing but pump-and-dump schemes. But sometimes, there is a project well worth keeping an eye on, and Syscoin is working hard to expand their presence.

Surviving in the cryptocurrency world is one thing, but establishing an identity in the business sector is something entirely different. That will be the primary role for Christopher Marsh, as he will work on taking Syscoin mainstream from now on. Other duties will include establishing profitable business models, forging strategic partnerships, and leading the project’s investment efforts and funding rounds.

Syscoin Team Manager Dan Wasyluk explained this decision as follows:

“As we grow beyond our cryptocurrency roots focused on a single use-case towards a development company model servicing multiple products and use-cases, all leveraging blockchain technology, we find that Chris brings a skillset required to take us to the next level. We have grown so far and so fast that we must be disciplined in which opportunities we pursue and in what order, as there are MANY opportunities before us. Chris’s guidance and business acumen will keep that momentum going and ensure focus on the highest value concepts. His considerable experience shows he is a driven, dedicated business professional and we are grateful to have him on the team.”

It is evident Syscoin wants to take things well beyond the cryptocurrency world  Bringing Christopher Marsh on board is a strategic move, as he has over eight years of investment banking and business development experience. With a strong passion and focus for technology firms and financial services, Syscoin believes he will be the right man for the job.

Syscoin has been one of the more prominent alternate cryptocurrencies for several years now. They were among the first to build an entirely decentralized marketplaces using the Syscoin blockchain and currency. Despite some hurdles along the way – as was to be expected – the community remained resilient, and new features and tools have been developed over time.

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